Supporting Infrastructure

Ample Human Resource

There is over 4M people in the Guigang and half a million in the metropolitan area where the industrial park is situated at. The government's plan is to grow the metro population to 1M by 2022 which guarantees a stable supply of labor nearby. Contiguous to the park is a newly developed government subsidized estate to accommodate residents effected by the expansion to be implemented on Yu River next to the industrial park.


Power supply
This industrial park is powered by a 10kV line from the Southern Electricity Grid and stepped down to 3-phase 380V by three separate transformers (all at or above 1000 kVA). The monthly “fixed” fees has recently been adjusted to the latest scheme that bases on the highest kWh figure of the month instead of being based on the capacity of the transformers and since then it has been nearly halved.


Individual water/electricity meters:
Apart from electricity, each factory and residential buildings is already connected to the local water supply. Water and electricity usage can be metered separately for different buildings/ levels so tenants can control costs at ease.


Widened roads:
Due to the expansion project of the contagious Yu Jiang River, the road by the industrial park is currently undergoing an expansion from 2-lane to 4-lane that improves the flow of logistics. The newly built “Green Cloud Suspension Bridge”, the third bridges from north to south of Guigang is only a stone throw away and it provides tremendous convenience to your staffs.


Compliant Fire prevention systems
- Sprinklers
- Alarm system
- 100 sq. m water tank
- Fire hydrant
- Buildings designed to sustain the burning of fire
- Each building has sufficient space and routes for escape in case of fire.