Onwin Industrial Park is the first industrial park built by a Hong Kong company in GuiGang, Guangxi Autonomous Region, China. It is the first and one of the very few industrial zones in that city that is on par with standards set out by international companies, and it is especially suitable for large manufacturing firms that are previously established in cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou or Dongguan wanting to migrate to less urbanized regions within China.

Situated right at the heart of Guigang City of Guangxi province, it is blessed with population of over 4 million that translates to plentiful local human resource.

It is accessible through an advance transportation network encompassing?China High-speed Railway (CHR)?since 2014 (takes 4 hours to Shenzhen & 3.5 hours to Guangzhou),?flights (Nanning Wuxu International Airport),?highways (G324 that leads to Guangzhou, even Yunan and Fujian),?rivers (literally right beside?the Yu River of the?“Guangxi?Golden Waterways” with tributaries spanning across the entire province of Guangxi and contiguous provinces, last but not least?bus lines running to and from the city center.

Our exact location is at Da Qin Pier, Jiang Nan Road West, Gang Nan Road, Guigang, China. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested for a visit.

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